Feb 12 2014

Climbing Pregnant: Thoughts and perspective from Jasmin in Italy

Best wishes for your pregnancy from Italy (I’m based in Milan, but originally from the Dolomites)

Jasmin & Elia 


Hi Jasmin –


Thank you so much for your very thoughtful message and information. I think women in the US will find your perspective very valuable and interesting. I know that I always thought European women and mothers had access to much more information and acceptance while climbing during pregnancy and with children. I’m sorry to hear that it’s not necessarily the case!


I will say that at least in California where I am located, climbing in the climbing gym seems completely acceptable for pregnant women. I’ve been seeing it for a long time, and it’s nice to know that you can go climbing in most gyms and not be ridiculed. Climbing outside while pregnant is less popular, but so far I haven’t seen anyone scouring their faces at me when I climb outside.


The medical professionals here are not as educated about climbing while pregnant, often thinking that all climbing will involve a serious ground fall. But once I explain to them about a full body harness and climbing on toprope, they seem much more amenable to the idea.


I’m now in my third trimester and climbing a lot less just because my belly is getting a lot bigger and gets in the way of climbing. I think if my joints were tighter, I would be climbing more as the movement of climbing feels great.


Thank you again for your very wonderful message. I wish you and Elia all the best and hope to run into you at the crags one day!




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  • Hi Jasmin and Beth! I'm Irene from Milan area. I share a lot of impressions described in Jasmin's message. I live in Milan too and I am pregnant and we are waiting our little girl for the end of April, if everything goes as expected. I find the same difficulties Jasmin found but I hope that my instinct has helped me in choicing what to do and in understanding what is good and safe for me and my child! A couple of friends of mine had a little girl 1 year ago and we helped them in watching baby during the days at the crag, We were very happy to share this experience and I hope that in the future they will help me and Daniele in this experience too. I wish both of You all the best!! <3 Irene

    February 13, 2014 at 2:00 pm
  • Thank you so much for your comment Irene! And congratulations on your little girl coming in April! Our little boy will be the same age 🙂
    It is so wonderful to hear from everyone around the world about their experiences. I wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery.
    Thanks again, all my best!

    February 16, 2014 at 5:54 pm
  • Hi Jasmin and Beth!
    Thanks for your blog Beth, it's really interesting to hear about everyone's experiences. I am a new mom to a 5 month old boy. I climbed through my pregnancy up until 40 weeks. We travelled to the Red when I was 20 weeks pregnant and to Ten Sleep when I was 32 weeks pregnant. Climbing helped me relax and center myself. We travelled to Red Rocks in December when Noah was 2 months old and now we are on a climbing-sightseeing road trip in Italy for two months. I was wondering if Jasmin could recommend any good climbing spots for us, we are looking for places to climb anywhere from 7a-8b. We are in Oltre Finale at the moment, we love it here, but want to explore. Maybe Jasmin you could recommend a place you climb and we could meet up to climb with our babies also?! Thanks!!

    February 26, 2014 at 11:25 am
  • Hi Dawn –
    Thank you so much for your comment and message! It's so wonderful to hear your experience during and after pregnancy. Sounds like climbing was wonderful for you, and now you are able to do it with Noah! That's awesome. I've passed on your message to Jasmin – I really hope you can connect and climb.
    Thanks again, it's so wonderful to hear your story.
    All my best,

    February 26, 2014 at 3:32 pm