Feb 28 2014

Climbing Pregnant: Thoughts and Perspective from Miri in Germany


Hi Beth – 

I just read your blog about your pregnancy! Really cool and of course congratulations!!

I am not a professional climber but a very enthusiastic and passionate climber – and we’re parents of a 1.5 year old girl. When I became pregnant I was insecure about climbing and bouldering and about our climbing after the birth. My doctor is really cool and is really sporty himself and he kept supporting me in doing sports and of course in climbing. We went in the gym 4-6 times a week, I belayed all the time, and while toproping I managed to climb 7a’s into the 8th month. 3 weeks before the birth my harness didn’t fit anymore so I traversed and bouldered at low heights. I climbed until the day Charlotte was born and I had a quick and uncomplicated birth… I had much power to press!

Four days after the birth I was back in gym bouldering. My regeneration was sooo quick! After 2 weeks I felt good, almost back to normal. I had no depressions, I was happy. I nearly got my weight back and of course I didn’t sleep much, but regardless we kept climbing 4-6 times a week with the baby. Because of the training with more weight (the baby belly) I was even stronger than before. I had no problems with my fingers and I didn’t do those 6 weeks regeneration after the birth, which concerns them in Germany… but I think if I did that, I would have been depressed.  

I wish you very much that you have such an uncomplicated birth as I had and that you will also be able to climb before and after the birth!! Pregnant climbers should help each other with their experiences – that’s the only way how to make girls not to stop climbing and bouldering in pregnancy because of the fear.

Greetings from Germany, 


By the way: Charlotte started “bouldering” in the age of 14 months. When we’re in the gym she loves touching holds, brushing them and playing with the chalk. When charlotte was 9 weeks old we went bouldering for 1 week in South Tyrol, and when she was 1 year old she started hiking with us.


Hi Miri –

Thank you so much for your message and sharing your pregnancy story with me! It is so wonderful to hear from people around the world on how they dealt with climbing and pregnancy. I think the more we hear from women from all walks of life, the better educated we will all become. I think it is amazing that your doctor was supportive of you climbing! And probably good to expand people’s perception on climbing in pregnancy.

Thank you again for sharing and it sounds like you have a little climber on your hands! It’s very inspirational to hear how quickly and good you felt after the birth. I hope that you are continuing to feel great, and I can only hope for a similar experience with my birth and come back 🙂 Best of luck with everything and hopefully we get to see more pregnant moms at the crags and gyms!

All my best,


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